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Cost-effective consulting for cleaning companies and businesses

As well as doing our own professional cleaning, OCS can also provide consultant cleaning service to your employees. Our experienced facility cleaning consultants can teach your in-house cleaning teams how to run and manage the most efficient and cost-effective operation possible.

Why do I need a cleaning consultancy?

With our expertise and knowledge in the cleaning sector, and our extensive experience working with a wide variety of companies and diverse organisations, we can help you improve standards and reduce your costs.
There’s no type of business or facilities situation our cleaning consultants haven’t come across before. Our talented cleaning consultancy team can give professional guidance to your staff and help streamline your existing cleaning practices.
Whether you are a facilities company branching out into cleaning or a retailer looking to develop a nationwide or regional cleaning schedule, we can help you develop a strategic plan. In-house cleaning staff will benefit from a cleaning business consultant for a range of reasons:
Co-ordinated cleaning plans to set clear objectives
Everyone is trained the same and shares the same methods.
Cleaning consultants draw from vast and varied experience - they can advise on areas your in-house staff may not have knowledge of.
Accountability - a cleaning business consultant is an external expert, and it's always good to get a second opinion.
Industry benchmarks - our cleaning consultant can recommend the latest methods and environmentally friendly technologies.
Whether you run a private hospital switching from contracted cleaning services to in-house cleaning or a theatre or cinema chain looking for a united and unified strategy, OCS can advise you.

What do our Consultant Cleaning Services include?

Machinery & Chemical Usage

Advice on the suitability of your equipment and cleaning substances
Chemical safety and specific machinery teaching
Consulting on environmentally friendly options
Checking compliance with health and safety of machinery and chemicals

Cleaning Operations

Consulting and reporting on current cleaning schedules
Budget Analysis: optimisation for cost-effectiveness
Waste audit
Tailored recycling program

Staff Training

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training for cleaning staff
Health & Safety training
Risk Assessment of your current cleaning staff
We’re happy to discuss cleaning consultancy services for your business, regardless of the type company or premises you operate. And as always with OCS, our cleaning business consultants are environmental specialists, so you can rest assured that everything we recommend conforms to the highest sustainable and eco-friendly standards.

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